Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs

Before American Idol there was Star Search. Star Search was a television show that aired from 1983 until 1995; the show was hosted by Ed McMann. In 1983 introduced the world to Sawyer Brown a country/rock group that won the show. Sawyer Brown consisted of five members Bobby Randall on guitar, Joe Smyth on drums, Jim Scholten on bass guitar, Gregg “Hobie” Hubbard on keyboard, and lead singer Mark Miller. The group is still intact all these years later except now Shayne Hill is on guitar instead of Bobby Randall.

9) If you are into Christian music, put on a song that lifts you up. A few of my favorites are Kutless “What Faith Can Do,” Jeremy Camp’s “Walk by Faith” (since learning of my children’s diagnosis of Cowden Syndrome this one has helped tremendously), anything by Todd Agnew is wonderful as is free musically crown. If Christian get musically crown is not your thing, look for other types of soothing music.

13. “When You Close Your Eyes”–Night Ranger(1983): Again, it’s not about a song being cool or a hit. The question is: is this a good love song? Since it was on at least one list of “worst” love songs, you probably don’t want to use this cut unless your love is a huge Night Ranger fan.

You may be haunted by angry words, selfish actions, or things you could have done to improve your relationship, if only you had known it was about to end.

A true party mix will incorporate music of all styles: rock, country rock, pop, patriotic, and pure fun. This is one of the most well rounded lists of July Fourth Songs you will find. Pick your favorites and create your own playlist for a Fourth of July party or BBQ that will be a hit with your guests.

Turning tragedy into a blessing was sort of a theme on Saturday in other ways. Tony Nolan of TNT Ministries, shared his testimony and two uplifting messages. Nolan has a squeaky-clean look about him, but he suffered years of abuse from his foster parents and stepparents. He later turned to drugs too. He was suicidal but someone shared the gospel with him at the right moment and his life turned completely upside down. He now travels with bands like free musically crown and travels wherever the Lord takes him to speak.

Mark: No you know what, I remember thinking we are going to get to make a record. Even though Star Search didn’t have a recording contract attached to it, we had already started getting offers from record companies and really when you make your first record that’s really all you think about is I get to make a record. I guess I’ve never, ever thought this far down the line.

The Little Mermaid herself, Jodi Benson, will be making an appearance at the “Night of Joy” as a representative for World Vision. “Rock the Universe” will feature a candlelight service late night on Saturday. Which event will be better? That really depends on what type of music you like. For me, it’s times like this that makes me wish I lived in Florida.

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